Our fashion association's goal is to help our summer camp attendees increase their knowledge of fashion design and to educate and support the next generation of style innovators and leaders.  Location: Norwalk  and Glastonbury,CT. Please when you are enrolling give us the name and age of student,  and what session you are planning to attend. Write all in the comment box.

Re-make it Dress
Session 1: 6/20-6/24
[Morning (9AM-1PM)]
[Afternoon (1:30PM-5:30PM)]

Sustainable Fashion is on the rise, the makers’ movement is back. Learning to create from existent object giving a second life and saving the world-wonderful lesson for the next generation. Let’s roll up our sleeves and create!

Little Black Dress
Session 2: 6/27-7/01
[Morning (9AM-1PM)]
[Afternoon (1:30PM-5:30PM]

Elegance and style- Audrey Hepburn flavored design is ageless and elegant for all. If you like another color we are open for it. Let’s design with simplicity and elegance.

Cool it in white
Session 3: 7/04 -7/08
[Morning (9AM-1PM)]
[Afternoon (1:30PM-5:30PM)]
White is the color of summer travels. Let’s make that perfect look for exploring the world. Dresses full of imagination and adventure. Come in to our studio and let’s get transformed!

Shine & Bright
Session 4: 7/11-7/15
[Morning (9AM-1PM)]
[Afternoon (1:30PM-5:30PM)]

Summer is here, we all love summer evenings with our parents’ or friends, going out and dressing up. This class will introduce to our little designers how to design beautiful flowy dresses. Something shiny and bright- up to you.

Pretty in Pink
Session 5: 7/18-7/22
Morning (9AM-1PM)]
[Afternoon (1:30PM-5:30PM)]

This week will be devoted to the color PINK. The color pink has always been a trendy staple in the world of fashion. While keeping to our PINK theme, we will also be learning new fabric treatments and continue refining both our hand and machine sewing skills. By the end of this session you’ll have the best look in town! And just in time for the sea

Red and white, or let's do something french ...
Session 6: 7/25-7/29
[Morning (9AM-1PM)]

French country with beautiful textiles with embroidered roosters and hens on white linens with red threads, playful stripes and sailor’s uniforms, bows and ribbons and anything that feels French to you will go here.

Floral Refresh
Session 7: 8/01-8/05
Morning (9AM-1PM)
Blooms and colors are everywhere. We are going to design a floral look and learn to design our own layouts with mix and match flowers embroidery. Perfect look for a hot afternoon.

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FASHION LAB SUMMER CAMP 9th Edition     2016
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