Our fashion association's goal is to help our summer camp attendees increase their knowledge of fashion design and to educate and support the next generation of style innovators and leaders.  Location: Norwalk CT. Please when you are enrolling give us the name and age of student,  and what session you are planning to attend. Write all in the comment box.

Re-make it Dress
Session 1: 6/22-6/26
[Morning (9AM-1PM)]
[Afternoon (1:30PM-5:30PM)]

The renown designer Martin Margiela very first collection was based on the deconstructivist fashion movement.  Take something old that you would otherwise throw away, and make it something new. Who knew that a plain Sundress could become a chic fashion statement? hand and machine sewing,Textile design, and an incorporation of business are applied in this fashion making project. 

Little Black Dress
Session 2: 6/29-7/03
[Morning (9AM-1PM)]
[Afternoon (1:30PM-5:30PM]

In class, students will be making that necessary little dress required for every fashionista. This project will teach you how to use pattern drafting and the skills to sew using a sewing machines. Techniques such as embellishment and beading will also be learned.

Leather and lace design
Session 3: 7/06-7/10
[Morning (9AM-1PM)]
[Afternoon (1:30PM-5:30PM)]

Leather has a rich history and it has been one of the mainstay of our wardrobe. Combined with lace it creates rich looks if the couture houses such as Fendi, Hermes, Prada just to name few.Whether cutwork, crochet or eyelet, this ancient handiwork takes on an au courant chic.Lace for the summer, Dresses, tops or shorts will be created in our studio using french traditional techniques. One of the days will be a NYC field trip.

All In The Jeans
Session 4: 7/13-7/17
[Morning (9AM-1PM)]
[Afternoon (1:30PM-5:30PM)]

Design your favorite pair of jeans or a jean jacket using textile technique. All sewing techniques learned in class can easily be used at home. Be UNIQUE!

Pretty in Pink
Session 5: 7/20-7/24
Morning (9AM-1PM)]
[Afternoon (1:30PM-5:30PM)]

This week will be devoted to the color PINK. The color pink has always been a trendy staple in the world of fashion. While keeping to our PINK theme, we will also be learning new fabric treatments and continue refining both our hand and machine sewing skills. By the end of this session you’ll have the best look in town! And just in time for the season too.

Couture dressmaking class
Session 6: 7/27-7/31
[Morning (9AM-1PM)]

Want that perfect dress for the summer season but can't find it? Why not design one yourself? The designers will be sewing by hand or  machine.

Make The Dress of Your Dreams
Week 7: August 3rd-7th 
[Morning (9AM-1PM)]

Grand Finale of our Summer Camp: well known couturier from NYC gracefully donated fabrics to us. We will design fabulous looks! Photo-shoot at the end.

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FASHION LAB SUMMER CAMP 8th Edition     2015
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Designing my first dress  for ages 7-8-9
​Session 1: 6/22-6/26
[Morning (9AM-1PM)]

Bring your favorite father's shirt, we are going to show you how to design and make from something old, something new. What will be needed is one yard of printed cotton fabric that goes with the shirt, beads, buttons, sequences, embroidery threads, fabric glue and bring your imagination!!!!

Creating my first collection for ages 7-8-9
Session 2: 6/29-7/3
[Morning (9 AM-1 PM]

This is the week to learn how to design a collection. Please bring interior and fashion magazines, kid size scissors, glue stick, presentation board 20"x 30"​. We are going to use our minds to create a collection for kids. We will finish this project with a small exhibition. You will choose one design from your collection and we will make it with alternative materials, just like they do it on  "PROJECT RUNWAY"!!! 

Creating my first Skirt for ages 7-8-9
Session 3: 7/6-7/10
Morning (9 AM-1 PM)

Bring 3 different fabric patterns. 1/2 yard each. Along with 1/2 yard of a solid color fabric. (2 yards total)
We are going to design a saucy summer skirt with all the happy colors you love. 25" elastic 1" wide and matching treads. Summer will be in full blossom when you wear your new creations.